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Its been a whilst and some potential changes

hi all, thanks for subscribing, I haven't posted for a whilst, just been busy. as its hammering it down outside with not much to do I thought it would be a good time to update you.

Its been a tough year that no one could have ever have imagined, if someone had told me that restrictions would have been in place for 14 months or so from initial lockdown, I would never have believed you but seeing the devastation that covid has caused for families and friends makes you realise how lucky some of us have been to stay healthy and fit. although A bit worrying that we now have another potential health crisis on our hands in the form of mental health. A few friends have really struggled recently, the fact that pubs, gyms etc are starting to open is hugely important for them and I can understand why. sometimes you just need to get away from everything and chatting to a friend in a pub or lifting some weights can really make a difference to how someone feels that night, even if you only see them/train for an hour or so.

I find it really worrying that we see adverts by the welsh government on tv with instructions on how to wash our hands and how to wear a mask, but we are yet to see any adverts of support channels for those suffering with mental health issues. I feel they should be changing the narrative now and support those who need it, not telling us how to wash our hands, wear a mask, keep distance etc.. after 14 months I think we know how to wash our hands. Anyway enough ranting.

its been a busy year for Buddy's and my books are pretty much full now, if you have tried to contact me and ive not been able to offer you an appointment I do apologise but I have to have a cut of point to keep my regulars happy. feel free to give me a ring in a couple of months and I will try to book you an appointment, Also big thanks to everyone who has supported me for the last year or so. I will always do what I can for my loyal customers.

I initially created this website to suss out how much traffic passes through it and whether it was an option to create an additional e-commerce site to sell some dog themed clothing t-shirts that I will be screen printing (see below) so I'm considering keeping the domain but redesigning the site and adding a shop section to it. they would make a great addition to the site and a great gift for that birthday or xmas etc. Anyway see you all soon,

take care


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