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Blades of Steel

like to thank my customers so far for giving me the chance to groom their dogs, had some pretty cool dogs this week. i'm sure buddy would approve although hes more a lover of humans than other dogs, its down to my father spoiling him rotten and treating him like a baby. as i write this, the dog has his legs wrapped around my father who's sitting in the chair. i'm not sure if anyone really reads these blogs but they are a good outlet to say what your thinking i suppose. soooo i'm thinking about changing the cover on my #heinigerssaphir clippers. They are bright pink!! i ordered blue ones but they sent me the pink ones, so i'm contemplating whipping the cover off and spraying them something cool like a black pearl or something. Dog grooming is mainly a female dominated job so most equipment you get is usually pink or purple (i also have pink scissors haha) its a shame because there is a massive gap in the market for male grooming products, such as male tunics, blue/black clippers etc.. dont get me wrong you can get black/blue but your pretty limited on choice. Whilst i've been on the road ive noticed other mobile vans around and the majority seem to be other dudes so it goes to show that dog grooming is becoming more and more popular with us guys. Anyway thanks for reading, ill pop some pictures up if i manage to spray the cover. have a good weekend all.

heiniger saphir pink
Heiniger saphir pink!

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